Why Choose Regional?

As a patient, did you ever wonder who examines your study and who is the person responsible for providing the most exact diagnosis to your physician?

Our professional radiologists work out of Staten Island. We do not use radiologists located in other states or other countries. Many of our staff members are your friends and neighbors.

All radiologists are Board Certified, and many have advanced fellowship training in their specific area of expertise.

Our radiologists have a day-to-day relationship with the referring physicians in and around Staten Island, and a level of trust and confidence exists between them. How important is that to you when you or your family member is facing a medical challenge?

Additionally, not all equipment in radiology is equal. In fact, Regional Radiology has the finest diagnostic equipment available today. Not every MRI, or mammography unit, or CT is the same. In fact, they are not. There is, as with everything you evaluate each day, a difference in quality.

When you book your exam at Regional Radiology, you are assured that the equipment is the best, most advanced and will provide accurate results.

You do have a choice. You can ask your physician to send you to Regional Radiology or you can take the prescription and visit us for your imaging.

Regional Radiology supports the Staten Island community, a community it has proudly served since 1989. That translates into support for local community activities and sponsorships benefiting Staten Island residents.

Always consider where you are placing your trust in a time of medical need. Regional Radiology has the experience, finest equipment and the finest group of employees ready to serve you and your family.

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Physician Portal

  Radiologists | Radiation Oncologists | Radiology Services | Staten Island
We have recently upgraded our web server to provide more efficient access to reports and images. Access to the new system requires a new setup.

If you would like to arrange for a courtesy visit to your office by our representative to set up your computer(s) and provide simple instructions. We will schedule the visit at a time convenient for you and your staff. Our representative will provide a link to MPHRX provided by NYU Regional Radiology allowing your staff to view and print reports and images.

Kindly contact Richard Levinson, Physician Liaison for NYU Regional Radiology via email at [email protected] or by calling 917-689-4666.

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